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New show 6/27/09
"Yes I Am, But Who Am I Really?"
Queercore zines and ephemera from the late 80s through 90s

Opening Saturday 6/27/09, 6-8pm

Photo: P Paula P

Queercore - a music movement of underground LGBT artists - was conceptually birthed in Bruce La Bruce and GB Jones' late 80s Toronto zine, JDs. In the years following, hundreds of like-minded publications exploded onto the scene, creating a global network of formerly isolated but newly united radicals. Founded on a punk rock platform, it wasn't long until zines became records, and a new generation of bands came to define the aesthetics and politics of the movement... a "musical fanzine."

Goteblüd co-founder and curator Matt Wobensmith was there with his own zine and record label "Outpunk", documenting and supporting the nascent movement.

"The zines in this collection are 'queer zines' by definition, but many of them are unique in that music and music culture is a common thread. People forget that prior to the internet, obtaining information on 'alternative' topics was difficult. The record store was where we went to learn and get exposed to new ideas. And we used music and record stores to find our audience - people like ourselves.

Most of the zines were done by young people, and many are in the 'perzine' category, intended for a small group of sympathetic individuals. Alienation is a big theme; many of these zines' creators were just as disappointed by gay culture as the homophobia they encountered. Queercore was about creating a new community, and exchanging survival tips and ideas. And though there was fun and celebration, it still remained quite serious. For many people, these zines were done out of urgency and a dire need to find others, to avoid an impending creative and psychic death."

Also on display - alongside over 200 unique titles - are photos, flyers, posters, correspondence, clothing and skateboards of homopunk heroes.

Goteblüd is a vintage zine store and gallery located at 766 Valencia, between 18th and 19th Streets in San Francisco. The show is open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays, from 12-5pm through late August, 2009.

A La Brava - Abrupt Lane Edge - Afraid of the Truth - Alien Religion - Amazine - Anarchy Roolz - And Now I Devour You - And Now I Twist Your Nipples With a Pair of Spaghetti Tongs - And Now I Don the Masque of Melancholy - Androgenarchy - Androzine - Anonymous Boy - Arr, Now I Man the Mizzenmast - As Yet Untitled - Ashtray - Aunt Franne - Autonosexual Revolt - Bamboo Girl - Bedpan Journal - Behavior That Has You Worried - Bimbox - Bitch Dyke Whore - Bitch Queen - Bitchfield - Bleached Blonde - Boink! - Bored to Death - Both Worlds - Boy Crazy Boy - Boy Trouble - Boysville USA - Brat Attack - Bulldozer - Bunnies - But Enough About Me - But There For the Grace of God - Carrie - Chainsaw - Chalkolate Heart - Chaos Order - Children of the Void - Chocolate Impulse - ¡Cholita! - Comeuppance - Concerned Muthers - Conspiracy Of Theory - Copycat - Coughing Up Legomen - Cowpat Zine - Crunchface - Cuss - DV8 - Damaged Goods - Dead Jackie Susann Quarterly - Deathbed Agony - Dick Magazine - Diesel Bunny - Don't Dis Dolly - Don't Tell Jane and Frankie - Double Bill - Drop the Attitude Fucker - Easily Grossed Out - Evil Taco - Faggo - Faker - Fanorama - Fat Girl - Fembot - Fifth Column - Figments of a Diseased Imagination - Flying Fox - Freaky Queer - Fuck Men - Fucktooth - Fuh Cole - Full On Asian Action - Funny That Way - Gay Bee - Gay Skinhead Movement - Girl Fiend - Girly Transgender Zine - Going Homo! - Golog: Rebel Nomad - Gutterfag - Handjob Leather - Harmful Matter - He Who Walks Behind the Rows - Her Posse - Hey There Barbie Girl - Hoe-Down - Holy Titclamps - Homo Milk - Homocore - Homocore Militia Manifesto - Homocore NYC - Homocult - Homopunk World - Homotiller - Hormone Frenzy - Hulga Hopewell - If Prince Was My Girlfriend - In Your Face and Up Your Ass - Infantile - Insanity - JDs - Jailhouse Turn Out - Jane Gets a Divorce - Kappa King - Kill The Robot - King Me - King of the Faeries - Kink - Let Me Live - Mafouka - Meandyke - Monstar - Muffmonsters on Prozac - No Sexual Surrender - Noise Queen - Not Your Bitch - Oi Boy - One Mint Julep - Outpunk - Ovaltine Fanzine - Oversight - PC Casualties - PMS - Penetrated Pork/Penetration/Penetrated - Pink Lemonade - Planet Drag King - Poser - Positron - Pressure Points - Punk Beat - Punk Rock Fag - Pure Evil - Pussy Grazer - Quart - Queer - Queer Action Figures - Queer Edge - Queer Nasty - Queer With Class - Queer Zine - Queer Zine Explosion - RG Project - Red Hanky Panky - Riotboy - SCAB - Scut - Scutter - Seasonal Thought Process - Secret Cowboy - Secret Weapon - Shrimp - Sissy Boy - Sissy Butch - Size Queen - Slag Rag - Spammy Zine - Spectacle - Speed Demon - Strange Fruit - Stunt Cock - Suburban Backlash - Swallow Your Pride - Sweetness and Light - Swishblade - Tangent Zine - Tantrum - Teen Fag - The Burning Times - The Daily Plague - The Secret Files of Captain Sissy - The V Files - The Zine that Saved My Life - This is My Nose - This is the Salivation Army - Three Dollar Bill - Trollops - Ugly Boy - Until All Are Free Resist - Up Our Butts - Vaseline Zine - Vexx - Victoria's Secret Riot - Violin Outbreak - Wad - Warfear - Werd - Whirl Girl Whirl - Whorezine - Wild Honey Pie - Words and Smiles - Yes Ms Davis - Your Ass My Face

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Wow... that's a large list. I have alot of those, and I know a fair many of the creators of these. I'm even surprised as to what's NOT on the list. "Bundle of Sticks" for instance had a dozen or so issues and was quite high profile in MPLS. Also, "Gentlewomen of California" was probably the single most mind blowing publication of my youth. I found 2 issues on my first visit to SF in spring '92. Larry Bob says there are more. For some reason it didn't occour to me that you would have issues of Salivation Army... I want!

Sadly, even though I kept these zines safe in storage for years, I managed to lose a bunch. It really bummed me out, but who knows? They might turn up somewhere.

"Bundle of Sticks" could have gone in this show.

I tried to limit this show to zines with a musical thread. This precludes a lot of queer zines like "Gentlewomen of California" (which I have) because I had to draw a line somewhere. I left out a LOT of zines. It doesn't mean I don't like them. I just wanted to focus on "queercore."

Then again, I broke the rules when I did my final selection process so who knows?

Also, that's a great and totally on-the-nose show name.

Thanks! It's appropriated from a Team Dresch song.

this photo is making me miss Stacy a lot.

I sure hope that I don't make people feel bad by using this picture.

For those who don't know, this pic is of Stacy Quijas and Anou. I believe it was taken around 1991 or so. Stacy died ten years ago this week.

She was a good friend of mine. We happened to have been born on the exact same day. We used to call each other brother/sister.

I've always loved this pic. I think it's absolutely beautiful. The joy in her face says so much, to me.

didn't make me feel bad. hard to believe that was 10 years ago. her death gave me all kinds of empathic body horror for a few years after. i'm happy to see this

OMG you have Don't Dis Dolly? I have no more copies of that! Please to let me buy it.

I may even have an extra copy, and if so, you ain't buying it. It's yours for the asking.

This is all wonderful, congrats on your Bay Guardian piece.

You should be posting your announcements here:

It's got a pretty avid following (and high signal to noise ratio!) for a community -- about two posts per day -- and some of their readers certainly live in the S.F. Bay area.

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