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Free the Crass Symbol!
The symbol that Dave King created in 1977 made its first appearance in Penny Rimbaud's impassioned manifesto, "Christ's Reality Asylum." It then went on to become the logo for Crass, who defined anarcho punk for decades to follow.


In the intervening years, the symbol has been reproduced countless times, and become the basis for mashup, homage and reinterpretation.

Recently, a UK fashion house decided - like many others - to repurpose the logo for their clothing. They have reportedly claimed ownership of the symbol, despite 35 years of prior use. They also have a line of clothes called "Whore Wear" which, in their words, is "glam and chic yet bordering on trashy."


It is fitting that such an uninspired ripoff surrounds an anti-authoritarian symbol with a chain.

See the show "Symbol" and original unchained logo in person. It will remain on display at Goteblüd through March 4, 2012. Hours are Saturday/Sunday 12-5pm, located at 766 Valencia, San Francisco.

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We used that image in the zine/program for the show.

I've joked that she's probably wearing a pair of thousand-dollar Manolo Blahniks to boot.

Not to defend her but a friend of mine who is friends with her ex (Billy Bob) claims they both have a background in punk. Make of that what you will but it is possible that she does know who Crass is. Maybe.

I don't doubt she's probably a fan, as she reportedly has been collecting Crass art.

I just think she's likely integrated this shirt into a decidedly unpunk outfit. But maybe she's one step ahead of us all. ;)

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