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Make art not war!
Is it possible to have too much fun? Maybe! Thank you to all who made this past weekend's event absolutely over the top! And thanks to the general public who showed up to our public stencil event, bringing an assortment of paintable objects above and beyond our expectations.

The stencil event was so popular that we have already decided to restage it again in early December. Watch this space for more details shortly.

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That is awesome! So glad the event turned out so successful.

Glad it went so well. Great idea.
I have a black dickies jacket that the pink stencil would look fine on the back of.

You have until Dec. 31st to make that dream a reality. I'll personally spray it on for you. :)

I have a jacket like that as well. Hmmm....

beautiful! that's is most excellent! i would've loved to have been there.... yay!

So, so sorry I missed this! Looks like it was a great event!

How long will the show be up? I will be in SF for ~22 hours over next Tuesday and Wednesday.

Show is up through 12/31/11.

Unfortunately the space is only open Sat/Sun 12-5. Day jobs and all that. :(

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