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Indeed, homage/mashup/reinterpretation is inevitable, and there seems to be a flurry of this in recent times like the aforementioned Mickey/Joy Division rip.

I think the main concern for fans of the logo is if some non-related entity decides to assert ownership and were somehow able to prevent free use of the symbol. That would be the ultimate disservice to the logo, which has thrived due to that freedom.

Edited at 2012-01-30 04:21 pm (UTC)

That's why I actually think they should have copyrighted the logo themselves. Genesis P did that with thee Psychick Cross and, while some have taken umbrage at her objection to them using it in a manner she doesn't like, I think she is right. Appropriate someone elses' creativity, something they originated and nurtured through their actions, at your peril. They came up with it, they built the mythos around it, they took the risk and did the work.
They could still have allowed/ignored any usage they had no problem with.
But, as it is, free to all comers, idealogically or otherwise related or not.

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