claimed ownership and used it for their whore wear line of clothing. jeeeeeeeeesus.


To be clear, their line of "Whore Wear" may or may not use the logo, but the logo is the centerpiece of much of their brand. I changed the piece above to be a little less specific about whether this symbol is on "Whore Wear" or not, although the main point is still the same.

Must put them in a bit of a bind. Pretty ironic really.
I assume copyrighting it would have been deemed too corporate at the time. So some chancers are trying it on. That 'Hardware' pretentiously call themselves a fashion house says much about their aspirations while their clothes say more about their talent. They'll be bust in a year.
But now piracy is endemic and, depending on context, outlaw and sexy or, the flipside, unimaginative theft - who gets to decide that context?
Crass or Coca-Cola? It is all fed into the machine now.
Witness Disney's new 'Unknown Pleasures' Mickey t-shirt.

I hope they make some cash out of it. But, if they do, I suppose it means they became, to a point, what they set out to destroy. They wouldn't be the first.

Whatever, Crass will be remembered. Hardware never will.

Indeed, homage/mashup/reinterpretation is inevitable, and there seems to be a flurry of this in recent times like the aforementioned Mickey/Joy Division rip.

I think the main concern for fans of the logo is if some non-related entity decides to assert ownership and were somehow able to prevent free use of the symbol. That would be the ultimate disservice to the logo, which has thrived due to that freedom.

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We used that image in the zine/program for the show.

I've joked that she's probably wearing a pair of thousand-dollar Manolo Blahniks to boot.

Wow. That makes me very sad.

The part that makes me happy is to hear that the show will still be up when I am back in San Francisco the last weekend of Feb. Are you guys still allowing folks to bring items in t have spray painted?

Spray paint your stuff - this might be possible!

Thats incredibly good...

Thats stunning...



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